Back a bit, back a bit…

2007 was an ‘interesting’ year for me. I left my job, my home and my Edinburgh friends and moved down to London. Not content with one upheavel I then left my job, my home and my new friends in London. And all by September – so all in all quite a busy 9 months!

I have never been someone with a burning desire to live in the big smoke however my time with my wee charity in Edinburgh had come to a natural end and an opportunity was offered to me which was just too good to pass up on.

Great job, great prospects – only snag, it was in London. Now I believe life is too short for ‘what if’s’ and if I hadn’t have taken the opportunity being offered to me I genuinely believe this would have been an ‘what if’ for eternity so I said thank you very much, grabbed the opportunity on offer and moved from the Scottish capital to the English one.

Even with everything which has happened subsequently, to this day I do not regret one single bit my decision. I learned a lot about myself and the people I surround myself with (it also meant I could satisfy my long standing burning desire to live on a houseboat!). However…I also learned that London is definitely not for me!

The decision to leave London life actually came as a bit of an epiphany. You know the feeling when a decision has to be made and soon -and actually deep down you know what the answer is.

I knew I was unhappy in London and I knew I was unhappy in my job. I also knew I had only been in my new job and new city for 9 months, not a long time in the grand scheme of things.

But I also knew I lived life following my heart “sigue tu corozon” and I knew I wasn’t listening to my heart. I could almost hear the poor thing screaming at me!

I needed inspiration. So I took a holiday with a beautiful person to a beautiful place. It worked – hurrah!

I was inspired and after a week camping, kayaking and climbing on the Scottish western isles I walked into my office on the Monday morning clutching my letter of resignation, took a deep breath and handed it over!

With that one single nervewracking action the world became one big unknown oyster!

Want to know what happens next…? The read on my friend…!


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