Unemployed and homeless

So what’s a girl to do…?

Well I decided this was an opportunity (yes, I know…another of those darned ‘opportunities’). Now I may have mentioned once or twice I am somewhat of a rather keen scuba diver. Until last September I wouldn’t exactly have called myself a great diver but I ‘could dive’.

That was all about to change.

I caught a flight to Costa Rica, swapped my suit for my boardshorts and my office for the deep blue sea to work as a scuba divemaster.

Costa Rica is a country I’ve always had an intention to visit – I’d heard the diving was great, the sun shone and spanish was the language of choice…perfect!

Most people would head to the caribbean side – warm water, great visibility. I decided that all sounded far too easy (!) so headed to the pacific side of the country…colder waters, poorer visibility but bigger stuff to see and a bigger challenge to dive in.

My office

Now I’m a realisitic kind of girl and I’m pretty sure no-one really wants me to bang on about what a great experience the whole thing was.

I mention Costa Rica, diving and 30 degree sunshine and no-one ever believes I was even working at all out there!! “Work” they say – yeah right!

I have to admit that even though it was 7 days a week with an early morning alarm call earlier than I think I’ve ever had in my working life – life was good.

I’m most definitely not scared of a bit of hard work and I most definitely suit a job where the only time I sit at a desk with a computer in front of me is when I am emailing home.

Plus lifting air tanks every day is a bloomin’ good way to banish  ‘bingo wings’!

By the time I landed in the UK on Christmas Eve my hair was blonder, my skin browner and I was a fully qualified (and actually pretty ok) divemaster!

With much help from my rather tolerant South American pals I had also managed to master some far from fluent but definitely acceptable ‘spanglish’ skills.

Pictured: Adolfo, the ‘capitan’ of our diveboat the Tahonga who lent me his patient ears on more than one occasion!El capitan Adolfo


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  1. April 30, 2008 at 6:50 pm

    Good luck miss DM and we miss you! We still looking for a good manager!
    Rich Coast Diving

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