Unemployed and homeless…now add single and fast approaching 30!

Nic and Hels see in the new year on the beach!Nothing in life is certain – well, in the words of Benjamin Franklin…”nothing is certain but death and taxes!”

In the blink of an eye a snap decision or a single action either by yourself or someone else can change the entire course of your life as you know it.

Christmas came and went, Nicole and I saw in the new year searching for some surf in North Wales and my pals and I entered the year of 30th birthday’s.

To all those born in 1978…according to the Chinese, you are a ‘horse’! As far as I’m concerned this is no bad thing. Here is a snapshot…

“Being born in the year of the horse, it is in our nature to love the outdoors, to long for adventure – a horse would wander the world if it could. With an independent streak a horse is not always obedient.

We may say one thing yet do another. Feel one way then our heart opens in another direction. See one thing but don’t understand that blinkers hinder our vision. To plod along a well loved path then see an alleyway which tempts us”

This is an astonishingly accurate depiction of me!

Back living with the folks the job hunt started. To begin with the focus was on the UK.

I’ve fortunate to be very well travelled and everyone has to settle one day…right? WRONG!

The big 3-0 approached, I took myself off to Scotland for some snowy winter hill walking…for anyone looking for Scotland at it’s most awe inspiring harshest, try battling the elements halfway up Cairngorm in February!

As ever the Scottish wilderness did the trick!!

After some serious some serious soul searching on the situation I found myself in coming back in from Costa Rica brought me to one conclusion…

…it was now or never


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