Trust me, I’m a doctor

Before we were allowed to set foot inside our minefield we all received full first aid training (and had to pass the test at the end!). Even with my first aid qualification there was alot of new learning, the slightly scary part being that we all had to be able to cannulate – basically putting an IV drip into someones arm.

Our classroom was on a huge tarpaulin under the trees outside so when they said first aid training ‘for the field’, they really did mean learning in real field conditions.

Our 2 Cambodian teachers were incredibly patient but also incredibly good fun. The guy I felt most sorry for was their willing (!) assistant (in the blue shirt above) who had several days of 5 foreigners poking, prodding, bandaging and sticking needles into him. He had the patience of a saint – although I’m sure this part of his job probably wasn’t mentioned in his interview!

On our final day we were let loose to test our skills on real people and real arms. This time the willing victims…oops, I mean patients, were each other.

I am pleased to say I passed and can now successfully administer an IV drip…so if you ever find yourself in need of one feel free to give me a shout!

p.s Big congrats to my scuba buddy Drose who just passed his instructor exam and can now go and teach the world to dive…well done my friend!!



  1. Eric said,

    May 26, 2008 at 5:22 pm

    I just deleted my message by mistake, so laziness will keep this short.
    Glad you are getting on with what must be a most challenging and rewarding experience.
    I was in West Bengal and Bhutan for a couple of weeks leading a walking and sightseeing holiday, but as one of my clients said, far too much travelling (on rotten winding roads) and not enough walking. Of the sightseeing it was an awful lot of monastery visiting-unless you gop trekking there is v little walking to ber had, except to the mnext Monsatery, or DZHONG -a monastery/fortress/city hall kind of place.
    Keep up the good work-it is very worthwhile.

  2. Bec said,

    May 26, 2008 at 6:29 pm

    Hello blonde beauty-hope you made it back ok, thought I would write you a little note to help you settle back into your new job. This blog thing is a whole new world to me, despite being a dab hand on facebook I’m not sure where this msg is going to end up so I’ll try not to embarass you 🙂

    Well I guess normally people write on here what they have been up to, but I dont think going for a walk on the ‘wirral way’ with the rentals quite cuts it.

    I loved reading your blog, maybe one day you can publish it.It was so exciting seeing you kitted out and actually seeing what your doing and learning. IV drip one day next week it will be surgery!! Hope you dont mind I’ve passed the site onto Maria at Cafod as I think they would be really interested.
    Ok well I keep this ‘test’ blog short as you will be tired.

    Anyway speak soon, take care love bec xx

    p.s got some lovely wedding pics I’ll send them to your email, wish me luck at Gavins wedding when mum tries to marry me off!! x

  3. Jo said,

    May 28, 2008 at 8:17 am


    Love the pictures and your writing – sounds like you are having an amazing experience.

    Think you must be home for your sisters wedding soon – would be great to chat to you so give me a text when you are back if you have time and i will give you a call.

    Miss you xx

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