Hola amigo…

Sometimes on a long haul flight all you want to do is squeeze yourself into your cattle class seat, attempt to arrange your limbs in the position of least discomfort (and probability of getting deep vein thrombosis!) and pass the time away with some chick-lit or the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

Sometimes though its just better to talk the flight away – and thats when all you wish for is a semi-interesting next door neighbour fellow passenger. And so ladies and gents on my latest of long haul flight (post wedding) it happens’that I got just that!

A Cuban sax player currently making music in Paris and en route to Laos for a wee holiday. Rather amusingly (for me) and probably unfortunately (for them) our sole common language was….spanish!

Amazing what great conversations you can have during 10 hours in a confined space with just one another for company and lots of gesticulating…no doubt much to the amusement of the rest of our fellow travellers!

Heading back from the quick trip back for the wedding, I guess this is actually me now heading ‘home’! I wonder whether it will ever feel normal to be a visitor to the UK rather than a resident? I doubt I have missed much in my absence from work apart from excessive volumes of rice and some classroom sessions but it certainly feels like i was away for longer than 4 days.

I do often believe that ignorance can be bliss though and now I know what I’ve let myself in for with this job I feel more anxious about the sheer size of task ahead of me over the coming months than I did when I arrived fresh off the plane a few weeks ago arriving for the first time with no a clue what was ahead.

The great thing is that this is my life now and this type of work, travel, living out of a bag malarky has been ‘me’ for coming up on a decade now and I fully know any apprehension will be out the window the second I step off the plane, smell the air, feel the heat and refocus my mind on the task in hand.


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