Dumb blonde no more

I passed my test! Yippee! Apparently its the first of many so I probably shouldn’t get too excited.

So now we know all about mines, we get to blow them up! Off back out into the field for a couple of weeks to learn all about destroying mines when the deminders dig them up…this was going to be fun!

Field conditions are actually ok – we thought we would be roughing it more than we actually are. Some of the deminers live in such remote accommodation its a case of slinging a hammock up and washing from water in the nearest well.

We at least get beds..of sorts!

We also have plenty to keep us busy – studying mostly and sleeping is a favoured activity! But I also manage to squeeze a bit of exercise in when I can. As much as running is my sport of choice its far too attention seeking in the back of beyond. I end up being ‘accompanied’ by several small children who think its hilarious to see a white girl running ‘just for fun’ and run alongside me!

I have taken to using water bottles as arm weights, my bedroom floor is fine for sit ups and the other day Kola and I managed to rustle up enough ‘kit’ to create a little circuits workout in the patch of grass behind the field office!

We also all decided we needed at least a little bit of time out so a chess set was purchased and many an hour has been spent prising coconut flesh out of hard coconut shells with pen knives!


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