Coz i’m free…to do what I want…

1st day off today!!!

We finished work at lunchtime so all took much delight in shedding our standard issue ‘uniforms’, donning our own togs and having a normal Saturday afternoon…chilling out, reading, long lunch – that kind of thing. We then took even more delight in having a ‘normal’ Saturday night out on the town!

I think heads were a little…shall we say…’fuzzy’ the following morning!

In any event as usually happens when you are up at the crack of dawn every morning for days on end, my body clock had me awake with the cockrels and never one for a long lie in I decided to make the most of the day off.

So off I headed with Kola to play ‘tourist;’ for the day and visit Angkor Wat…seen as how we only live about 7kms away from it, it would be a crime to not make it before I leave Cambodia.

Angkor Wat is definitely impressive, it wasn’t over run with tourists either which made it all very calm and serene! however after we’d spent a ee while there we went to Angkor Thom, another temple complex behind Angkor Wat…I have to say that I most definitely preferred this place.

Playing tourist for the day we wandered round cameras slung around our necks, took rickshaws everywhere wearing our shorts and flip flops (even though it was drizzling for most of the day!)

Having a day off has made me realize how much we needed a day off. Its all too easy to just keep going and going out here – there is so much to do and see and learn…always something on a reading list to plough through or a new machine to master…hey come on…even the big G only worked 6 out of his 7 days!!


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