Unbelievably I’ve somehow managed to avoid major accident and injury since being out here!

Anyone who has been to Asia and taken a road trip on the typically potholed roads with maniac drivers will understand my surprise I’ve so far stayed out of harms way!

Oh yes, and I currently spend most of my days in and out of minefields!!

Anyhow, today my guardian angel was obviously taking a wee nap…

In one of our field locations we all live in a rather ramshakle (but oh so authentic!!) wooden house, sleeping upstairs, living downstairs. The problem with this arrangement is getting from one to the other…the problem being the stairs!

For some utterly unknown reason (Cambodians rarely need a reason to do something!) the 3rd to last stair was somehow ‘forgotten’ about during construction – not missing, not broken, just never actually built…you can see what’s coming…

A combination of trousers too long for me and desperate for the loo…before I knew it I was taking a nose dive down the stairs in full view of not only my co-workers but also the entire camp of deminers who stay directly opposite our wee house!

I am now the not-so-proud owner of a cracking bruise on my leg…must think of a suitably heroic and dramatic story to accompany it for the next time we have story telling round the dinner table.


p.p.s Totally unrelated photos on this post…this is me blowing up my very first landmine for real!! Thought I’d post them here…well…just because really!


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  1. Eric said,

    June 23, 2008 at 7:11 pm

    Gosh There is a terrific amount of experience here in this last month’s bloggings; but I am especailly jealous of your trip to Ankor Wat-number two on my list of things to do. I am also very proud to know you and know you are doing such important work-it certainly beats organsing a meeting, even a high leavel one!!
    Keep up the good work!.

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