Monk malarky

Do you know why Buddhist monks wear differing shades of orange robe? Something to do with the monk hierarchy maybe? Something to do with which country you happen to be a monk in? No no no…its actually their version of ‘the new black’!

I asked one why he wore one shade while his monk mate wore a totally different one. They laughed and said when they become monks they get to pick their favourite!

I’ve been reliably informed deep saffron is the latest trend.

So – its been a while since I last blogged…a lot has happened but at the same time very little has happened!

To try to explain…its amazing how quickly the unusual can become mundane. You would think mine clearance involves this wildly hectic, fly by the seat of your pants existence.

Well folks…it just ain’t so. At least not when you’re a mere trainee!

Although yes, everyday I work I long old day learning lots of new things, to actually write about the intricacies of the latest metal detector to hit the scene would be just so dull even the most boring Monday morning email would seem more interesting to you.

So although a lot is happening for me out here, I won’t bore you with the details!

Just look at big D’s face below if you don’t believe me…during yet another classroom theory session!

I will say one thing though…my word this is hard going! Peaks and troughs would be a good comparison. Just when I think I’m getting the hang of it all they hit us with another monster topic to get our heads around.

Our latest ventures have been testing a new detector…which involved lots of trench digging, ‘planting’ fake mines, digging them up and replanting elsewhere! Don’t ask!

Plus I had my biggest test to date today…all on ammunition! So yesterday was a very dull study day. I felt like I was back at university – in fact no, I don’t think I even worked this hard at Uni!

You can see below photographic evidence of Kola and I started on our revision before 9am on Sunday morning. What a wild child I am!

However I now have an entire head worth of (apparently) much needed information on rockets, grenades and all sorts of other ‘war story’ paraphernalia.

The reason we are doing all this is because to destroy these things if they are found out in the field, we have to understand how they work. And boy do I understand! Or at least I think so…the results of the test are being released tomorrow!

The great bit of it all was our school trip to the war museum which we managed to stretch out for an entire afternoon.

And now we get to put it all into practice.

Back out to the field tomorrow for some seriously exploding action. So expect plenty of photos when I get back in a few weeks time.

Until then…over and out (how sad am I!!)



  1. M said,

    July 9, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    Hello my love!!
    Just a quick note to say I got your postcard this weekend, a cracker of a postcard!!!
    Stu was very pleased to see you sent it to both of us!!!
    Hope the exam on ammuntitions goes well, I will find it highly amusing that the girl who is the most peacful of all my friends knows more than any of us about war now!!
    Life in the uk is pretty normal, Stu and I went to the grand prix at the weekend, got soaked in the rain but saw lewis hamilton win so that was pretty cool!!
    Also off on hols at the end of the month off to France for 2 weeks!! Cannot wait!!

    Anyway got to dash miss you lots, postcard is on the fridge to remind us of you!!

    M xxxxxx

  2. Ankles said,

    July 9, 2008 at 5:08 pm

    Hay Bels,

    currently in the middle of one uber long catch up message but i just wanted to say thank you for my postie – it was the best ever surprise when i walked in from a long weekend surfin in 60 mile an hour winds and scary rip tides!!! i hope you got my text – i can’t deny – i had had a few west country cyders (in true ankles styley) but it was you my dear whom i got all emotional about…
    all good tho – you’ll read my news when i send my essay through! stay safe my dear wahine (my new surf word)…love you loads Anks xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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