Pepper spray and queens

So there I was after a hard day at the office (!) quietly enjoying a glass of the ole’ chardonnay with Kola…unbeknown to us in the local gay bar!

Nice bar though so no matter…until…we heard a bit of a commotion at the bar, then it got louder, and louder and louder.

Looking over there were a couple of guys…special friends I think…having a right to-do with one another.

To this day I don’t know what about but it appeared to be something to do with which their next drink should be! Anyhow – they were fairly ‘under the influence’ to say the least and were really getting quite passionate about whether to down a tequila or a flaming sambuca.

It was all quite amusing and provided great entertainment for Kola and I.

Then all of a sudden it went quiet, very quiet – worryingly so!

Literally 2 seconds later Kola started coughing mid sentence. Took a swig of her wine and attempted to continue with what she was saying. Then she coughed again and again.

I started off by laughing at this unprovoked coughing fit only to be hit by the bug myself. Then the couple next to us started and before long the entire bar was at it!

With tears streaming down our faces, one of the waiters approached us apologizing profusely and offering glasses of water.

Once we had managed to stop coughing our guts up and actually speak again we discovered that apparently one of the guys at the bar had got so irrate at his special friend he had decided to pepper spray him!


Because of the ceiling fans in the bar the spray had spread slightly further afield than to just his pal and had attacked the entire bar!

Never been pepper sprayed before – and don’t plan on it again. It’s rough!

Honestly though – why they couldn’t just have had one of each shot I’ll never know but I guess pepper spraying your drinking partner is one way to settle an argument!

This is the local rubbish collection in Siem Reap! And we thought we wondered where our taxes went in the UK.


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