Big mama mineclearance

So here’s how it goes…first you collect all your ammo together along with your local ‘expert’!!


Then you dig a big mama pit and fill lots of sandbags…and I mean LOTS of sandbags

Then you layer up your stockpile – start with the little ones, finish with the biggies – and cover the lot with your sandbags

Clear the area of man and beast – don’t believe the smiles below – this local farmer had to be rather reluctantly ejected from his hammock by Strictly before we could blow up our pit!


Move a long LONG way away and find your seat for the ‘performance’!

(that’s big D’s feet sticking out the window as he makes himself comfortable!!)


Then just like in the movies, you do your 10, 9, 8, 7… countdown and BANG – press the button and blow your pit to smithereens!


There was an almighty bang then (if you squint a wee bit and look really closely) that big grey cloud in the distance is just as the pit explodesd to high heaven!

Not surprisingly it was all very exciting – a testosterone filled day for the boys of course – but even for us girls we had fairly wide grins plastered across our faces!


The big mama team and rather large hole left behind after the explosion with me in it!




There is a definite sense of ‘job satisfaction’ in my life at the moment!


So after a hard day ‘at the office’ we head for home. By the time we reached camp it was dark, we were tired and filthy and absolutely famished. We head for dinner…rice, fried beef, egg…no change there then!


But wait…something new on the menu…



Ah – living the dream baby, living the dream!



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