How many men…

…does it take to pull 1 Helen out of a bog??

It appears the correct answer is about 8!!

Just back in from driver training – what an absolute riot! Since we arrived in country we’ve had drivers ferrying us around everywhere – much to our annoyance!

Then last week they gave us 2 landrovers, sent us in the general direction of the muddiest bog they could find and under the very laid back eye of our Cambodian ‘teacher’ we spent our days pelting full speed through mud baths and bogs!

Needless to say 1 landrover spent most of its day pulling the other out of the ever growing mud pits we were creating! Probably just as needless to say – I was stuck in the mud on more than one occasion.

One of the times my rescuer also managed to get his landrover completely stuck too and we ended up having to hand winch them both out! No easy feat I can tell you – those things are heavier than they look!

Such awesome fun though – the idea being to get confident driving off road, in deep mud, water and the like. You basically line yourself up with your bog, move into 4 wheel drive then pretty much just floor it in the direction of the bog and see if you can make it out the other side.

As the day progressed our mud hole just got deeper and deeper until on one last attempt by Big D there was an almighty bang as he momentarily managed to take flight then land in the hole on his front wheel axle! Whoops!

The good news is the landrovers look like landrovers should – caked in mud – very authentic! The not so good news…as the vehicles limped their way back into base the clutch on one completely gave up the ghost, we now need 2 new tow bars, a gearbox and a bloomin good carwash!


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