Quintissential Cambodia

Since I arrived in Cambodia the photo ops have been just too good!

What a photogenic country with such photogenic people! I think Cambodians are born smiling!!

So now I seem to have amassed quite a collection of pictures which really don’t need too many words…here goes…



Good old fashioned fun…these wee kids were hanging out in the lake close to one of the compounds we live in out in the field.


We’re here in election time – and boy do these guys go for it with election rally’s. I wonder whether most of the crowd just turn up for the free t-shirt!!





 This is a beautiful but dilapidated temple called Banteay Chhmar….there really were trees growing out of the middle of the tumble-down buildings!

It was completely off the tourist trail and totally deserted – felt like we were the first people there for thousands of years.


These cool dudes are en route from Thailand. They take great pride in painting their trucks and overloading them beyond belief! This one is running on a tiny tractor engine!


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