Well it appears my work in Cambodia is done! Or so the powers that be seem to think.

After my 3 action packed months there the big bosses back at HQ have in their wisdom decided its time for their baby bird bootcampers to be booted out of the nest to see if we can fly solo!

and so…much to my delight…into Africa I venture!

As of tomorrow I will be living in Mozambique!

So what was meant to be 2 glorious weeks of leave with time to climb some Scottish hills (Cambodia is a beautiful country but very flat!) and hang out with much missed friends and family, with all the fun of the last minute Georgia drive it has ended up being flying visits around the UK.

Although I did manage to sneak in a quick climb of Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh – pretty much always my first port of call on a visit to Old Reekie!

A place with memories of many a momentus occasion…and a seriously great place to make those ‘what to do with your life’ decisions!

Even this blog entry was part-composed up top as I sat perched on a rock with the entire summit to myself – a rare treat…thanks to the thick fog and rain so not offering much of a view to the intrepid tourist!

Normally you can see the entire city laid out in front of you – Holyrood Palace, the Royal Mile snaking up to the doorstep of the Castle, ‘Edinburgh Shame’ on top of Carlton Hill, all the way down to Leith and out onto the open water across to Fife.

It even has a very authentic ruin halfway up!

However its now time to descend yet again on my long suffering parents for the usual whirlwind chaos of washing machine on repeat and heating on full blast to wash my pants and re pack my kit before I head back to the airport.

So…Mozambique I hear you say – where exactly is that? (Mother darling tells me my job – although not so good for her blood pressure – is doing her geography the world of good!).

Mozambique is southern Africa…above South Africa, next to Zimbabwe.

And I have to admit I’m feeling pretty darn smug right now – with a coast line pretty much the length of the UK, latino language the mother tongue (ok so it’s Portuguese rather than Spanish but hey! how different can they really be?!) and seafood apparently the staple diet.

And did I mention that I hear the scuba diving is to die for….although naturally I will working extremely hard and will of course have no time at all for such frivolous fun!!

It looks to be a journey and a half to get out there though…via Manchester, via London, via Johannesburg and into Mozambique…and I’ve just been informed British Airways has decided to cancel the first leg…so my next blog MIGHT be from Africa…watch this space!!


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  1. Joan said,

    September 23, 2008 at 12:51 pm

    Well Helen what an exciting life you lead jetting off here and there , all in the line of work of course.Yes what a view from your room my mouth is still open, our view from our window is a line of washing cant compete. Well we are back from spain now see even we jet off to sunnier parts now and again . Not quite your standard but we could see the sea and sand from our balcony. Of course sunbathing is the order of the day some people namely paul just want to hog all the sun and return like a native as does our friend janet boy can they sunbathe. You realise how pale you are when on return home in the airport a lady says to Janet gosh you are so brown you must have been away a long time no” replied Janet “just a week’ gosh she says (she liked that word) I have been in Spain a year and I am not as brown as you. Then would you believe she turned to me and said Well where have you been then? Insulted or what.
    Glad things going well for youOh to be young , I suppose we are classed as’ twirlies ‘ now heaven forbid. Well wont bore you anymore with exciting tales of our week in Spain ! See you soon love Joanx

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