It’s a tough life

But someone’s gotta do it!

Rather good timing on my part I think but I just so happened to arrive in Mozambique just before a national holiday. I had a few days of work then we had a long weekend off. My new colleagues were taking the opportunity to escape the city and offered me a spot in the car.

Never one to turn down an invite to be by the sea I accepted. And my word I was glad I did!

Think of the most cliched beach house you can imagine…white washed walls, a stones throw from a white sand beach, big veranda for sunset drinks etc etc. That was pretty much where I spent my weekend.

I have to say, the South Africans really know how to live the dream. This is the view from my bed!

I had to be reminded to close my mouth as I stood gawping at this place we were staying in. The family who owned this place should be on one of these housey TV programmes… was just…well – fabulous daaarling!!

Apart from the 1 day I managed to motivate myself to run along the beach (with a beach like this it was fairly easy!) I pretty much spent my days reading, swimming and indulging in monster barbeque sessions…I had lots of burger babies that weekend I can tell you. There ended up quite a group going…friends of friends of friends…so one of the days the whole group met up for lunch.

I have to say I felt exceedingly multi-cultural at one point sitting there speaking rusty spanish to one of the guys while his portuguese girlfriend sat next to us speaking english to one of my colleagues and a couple of South Africans were having a broken dutch-english chat with a couple from Holland!

I don’t think there was a common language between us – it was brilliant!!


Weekend over it was back to the grindstone (well something like that!) but what a great intro to life in Mozambique….I think I’m going to rather like it here!



  1. M said,

    September 17, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    My god it looks amazing…..
    So so jealous as we sit in wet and windy England!!!
    I think you are going to be very happy there honey…
    On birthday build up now… only another 11 days of 30 left!!!
    Will send you a full update soon,
    M xxxxx

  2. ruth said,

    September 21, 2008 at 1:44 pm

    wow – so pleased you seem to have settled into africa! Sending loads of hugs and kisses from cambodia darl… are you able to skype where you are? would be great to have a chat


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