Holiday then home alone (with stolen photos)





After the last couple of months sharing with a couple of colleagues, I now have my apartment all to myself!!


Although it’s awesome having the place to myself, it’s suddenly gone oh so very quiet…you become pretty good pals living and working together so I knew I would miss my buddy, Itty, when it was time for him to head home.





We decided it was only right to send him off in style so – as he is as mad on scuba diving as I – we headed down the coast towards South Africa for a weekend of diving and braai (South African for barbecuing – a bit of the local lingo for you!!)





The adventure starts leaving Maputo as you have to catch the ferry boat across the bay…an experience in itself… let’s just say it’s not exactly the cross channel hovercraft!! How some of the boats stay afloat is beyond me!!





Even manoeuvring onto the boat is a mission – the first time I tried this I drove into the side of the boat – much to the amusement of the passengers (especially as I happened to have my Programme Manager in the car with me!! Oops!!)








Safely on dry land we set off for the beautiful beach of Ponta D’Ouro. It’s only about 3km from the border so an absolute honey pot for South Africans, who just lurve their camping. In fact you can walk to the border along the beach!







We arrived and pitched up at the South African owned place we were staying…a dive shop with accommodation basically! Yes, diving was on the following day. Yes, plenty of accommodation. Yes, you can do your own braai…oh and if you have beers and food you can use the fridges in the kitchen, oh and there’s tea and coffee there so help yourselves!!




The Mozambican’s call the South African’s “the banana and bread people” – they come camping from South Africa absolutely and utterly self contained so all they buy from the Mozambican’s is bananas and bread!


They obviously know their own kind pretty well so this place was totally set up for a great night of barbecuing, beers and banter (and we didn’t even have to buy any bananas or bread!!)





Sadly, diving the next day was an utter disappointment…not much to see, not a great dive outfit…and very chilly water!


Still, a great weekend was had by all and before we knew it Maputo was looming on the horizon and Monday morning beckoned




p.s I’ve temporarily ‘donated’ my camera to one of my survey boys as we were a bit equipment short! So all these photo are courtesy of Itty who has a very posh camera..hence better photos than I normally snap!



1 Comment

  1. rockwatching said,

    November 29, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    Fantastic pictures – very interesting. I was considering a trip to Mozambique some time ago (business) but that fell through.

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