My new home

Vast expanses of vivid green countryside, beautiful mountains and incredible light….BUT WAIT!

I know what you’re thinking “oh here she goes again banging on about Scotland”, but read on my friends…this time I’m talking about Mozambique.


Arriving back to Moz after my Christmas break to the utterly UTTERLY (and long awaited) fantastic news that funding had eventually arrived for our new location to be set up.

As I was lined up to be location manager of this new programme, this was music to my ears. Bureaucratic hoops had been jumped through, letter had been rubber stamped and cheques had been pushed under the pens of the ones who hold the purse strings for signatures…we were off at long last!

Mid way through a week long recce trip, after a long hot day traipsing round compound after compound looking for “the one” which will be the new home for more than a hundred deminers and myself, I write this sitting on the hotel roof top watching a burning red African sun slowly sink behind a spectacular mountain ridge way off in the distance…I think i’m going to be just fine out here!


(Me with my ops manager outside “the salmon shack” – my new house! After about the millionth viewing you can see him smiling with utter relief!!)


(We climbed the 3 peaks of the local attraction Cabeça de Velho (Old Man’s Head). If you look sideways it’s the profile of the old man’s head….his forehead on the far right. When it rains the water pours down where his “eye” is and the locals say he’s crying!)


1 Comment

  1. rohini said,

    February 13, 2009 at 11:57 am

    hello helen
    you look fantastic and i am completely jealous
    trying to email you and not sure how to contact you
    miss you!

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