If you wanna be my lover…


We now officially have our very first ALL FEMALE run demining programme!

And even better…I’m getting a first hand piece of the action as one of the 2 females on this ‘history making’ programme (it’s making history in our organisation anyhow!)

Knowing the slightest thing about the guys I work for, you will know just how ground breaking this news is! I might have mentioned once or twice, we are a little ‘male heavy’ when it comes to personnel…so this really is ‘one giant leap…’

I’ve got my programme manager, DH, to thank for it really. She has spent many an hour fighting with the powers that be for her place at the top. She’s quite a force to be reckoned with so I’m more than happy to be her 2nd in command.

I tell you though…with an all girl management team and our female demining teams out on the ground here in Moz, those old boy dinosaurs back at HQ better watch their backs.

Girl power is back!!


p.s HUGE thanks for all your messages, prayers, flowers, chocolates after my bout of icky malaria. I am now back on track in Moz and fighting fit (although with a slightly ‘rotund belly’ shall we say from scoffing all those chocs before Ma and Pa got their paws on them!)


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