Tough day at the office…?

In the words of my big sis…“ah yes sis but when YOU say you’ve had a tough day at the office it usually means something really quite different to what most of us mean when we say that….”

The sun was shining and the birds were singing (the guards were sweeping and the dogs were barking!)…all seemed well in the world. However, you just know the day is going to turn into a toughie when your car won’t start because the battery is flat!

Got home from work today shattered – deployment into the field is delayed, my drivers are still struggling with changing a tyre, my supervisors have decided they have lost the ability to use a basic walkie talkie radio, uniforms are late, the photocopier is broken and I was told my logistician spent a months worth of food money of out-of-date rice which everyone is now refusing to eat!

I was greeted at the gate of my house by an irate carpenter & his wife – how come he can work weeks and weeks behind schedule but when I don’t pay him the milli-second he (eventually) delivers my furniture, he is all set to call the police?

I asked my maid to buy fruit and milk and she somehow translated that into powdered coffee cremer and 2 kilos of oranges! And my guards have collapsed my lovingly grown tomato plants with over-enthusiastic watering (ie pouring an entire bucketload of water directly on top of them)

What to do….

I called a friend, admittedly just to have a bit of a moan. She sounded flustered…she told me she had been away for the weekend, her house had been broken into, not only had they taken cash, TV…the usual stuff..but that they had basically cleaned her out of anything not bolted to the floor…beds, fridge, her bathtub !!!!

Just as I was cursing the ‘banditos’ who robbed her she then told me that in her state of anger/shock/upset she had run over her dog and killed her.

Kind of put things in perspective for me….


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  1. Eric said,

    May 19, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    Hi Helen
    I am sitting comfortably in Accra, Ghana in reasonable comfort while you are on the other side of Africa, less comforatble I realise. It is great to read your story from time to time and catch up with some of your doings.
    It is thrilling, heartwarming, choking up stuff that you put in this blog. It will be a book soon. I hope you have enough to flesh it out-we need you to spread your story more widely. Just tell it as it is, so fresh and spontaneous. Stay well and safe. I will email.
    Eric xx

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