The brushes will be burned

I have developed a bit of an irrational aggression towards brushes lately…let me explain!

There is an obsession out here of sweeping.

Not a bad thing you might think, keeps the ground nice and tidy etc etc. And here, people like to sweep first thing in the morning. Again you’re thinking, what’s the big deal?

So I should point out people here generally get up when its light and go to bed when its dark. It gets light at 5am!

I have guards at my house who are meticulous in their efforts to keep my driveway well swept. Which is all very good and well but they also like to make sure i KNOW they are doing said sweeping. Therefore they sweep sweep sweep right under my bedroom window…at 5am!!

I had to have words! It was either stop the sweeping at first light or the brooms get burned! The sweeping stopped!

On a lighter note (!) I have taken to walking to and from work…its only a few kilometres…and what a difference it has made getting to know my new home town. Commuting by car I was cocooned from the sounds & smells of the outside world but now I see and hear everything.

Needless to say as I leave my house OBVIOUSLY the first noise I hear is sweeping. Literally walking down my street all I hear from behind closed gates is swoosh swoosh swoosh as driveways are swept within an inch of their lives. My walk to work also coincides with the school kids going to school. There are no Chelsea tractors here, all the kids walk.

It’s amusing to see that teenage girls are the same the world over – you know they way British school girls squeal and giggle in far too loud a manner in a way to attract the attention of their male peers…they do it here to!

Passing the banana selling ladies on the roadside and I get “sister, sister…” then come the construction workers (and yes girls, it seems builders are the same the world over too!) .

Just before my compound I pass the cantinas where the die-hard drinkers and the raucous local ‘lads’ hang out with their painfully bad sound systems and 80’s classics on full blast no matter what the time of day.

A quick hammer on my compound gates, the guards open up for me to slip inside…and another day of confusao begins!


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