Never discuss religion or politics

A good and a not so good story of the politics out here…

Yesterday while visiting a minefield we were settling down to a tasty lunch of dried fish and xhima (looks like steaming buttery mashed potato…the emphasis is on ‘looks like’ here!…tastes like wallpaper paste) when we heard a commotion of sirens, whistles and blaring music. A political party approaching I was solemnly informed. The local elections are approaching and the parties are out in force drumming up support.

It sounded like quite a party was approaching so we eagerly awaited their grand arrival…the sirens got more frenetic, the music louder and louder…

they were close, just round the corner in fact…

here they come…

The music stopped and we heard an unexpected ‘squeak, squeak, squeak’ as a rusty little bike wobbled round the bend with a young boy and a loudhailer atop! It was absolutely hilarious and SO Mozambican! Everyone just kind of shrugged, nodded a brief greeting to the boy before turning back and carrying on their lunch.

The not so good story is the state of the fuel situation here…it started off as a little bit of a joke ‘oh no we have a fuel shortage’ however it may be more serious than we first realised. There are now only 2 cities in the whole country with diesel. It would appear the ‘problems’ are political…the provinces with no fuel just happen to be the opposition party strongholds.

It’s a ridiculous situation – a Government party withholding resources for the people they are apparently meant to be representing and helping just to force more people to vote for them. It’s madness politics and is actually just incensing people.

As for us…no fuel = no demining…


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