Just like blighty

It’s 8 degrees, I’m wearing a woolly hat in the office and there are queues backed up at the petrol station…it’s just like being back in Blighty!

The only thing keeping my feet firmly on the Mozambican ground is the fact I drove to work today with 10 live chickens in the back of Red Wing.

It’s baltic here – I’m sleeping under 3 blankets – even the Mozambicans are shocked how chilly it is. I went to the market today and bought a woolly hat.

The 2nd hand clothes markets here amuse me. Most of the clothes come from Europe and arrive in huge bales wrapped in reams of plastic. The markets are an absolute treasure trove of  old school tour band t-shirts as well as clothes labels I’ve not seen since the days of C & A.  

I would love to micro-chip some of them to watch their journey from Asian factories to British high streets maybe via a charity shop or two before coming to Mozambique to be bought by a visiting Brit like myself, worn in Africa before being packed in my suitcase and brought back home to Britain…then after a while no doubt re-donated to charity to be packed up and shipped back to southern Africa!

We´ve got a serious fuel shortage going on here at the moment and it´s fast turning into a national crisis – there are some complex politics going on no doubt as the ports are having inexplicable problems importing fuel so our onsite fuel tank has been empty for weeks and now the petrol stations have started to dry up.

It wasn’t quite UK-fashion ‘panic buying’ – Mozambicans don’t really ‘do’ panic – but the queues were starting to build up today and we ended up driving a 2 hr round trip to fill up some oil drums just in case things got really bad. No fuel means no operations for us, if our vehicles can’t move we can’t work…

So I hear Britain is having a heatwave? Typical! Send some of the sunshine my way if you don’t mind!

p.s I´ve inherited a dog! Abandoned by a Mozambican colleague and left to become a street dog even with my icey-cold heart I couldn´t just ignore him. I´ve wanted to get a dog for a while and ok so this wee thing is not exactly the big rough and tough guard dog I had in mind and the first day I took him in red wing he got car sick (!) but he needs a home, I need a dog…!



1 Comment

  1. Ankles said,

    July 17, 2009 at 2:03 pm

    oh bells that it the most gorgeous doggy ever!! no surprises you couldn’t abandon him….one girl and her dog eh? x

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