Miracles do happen

Manica mountains

I have arrived…back in Mozambique that is!

Sadly my bags decided NOT to join me. I have to say, I waved them off in Manchester with the funny feeling that 3 flights and 24 hours later we wouldn’t be ending up in the same place at the same time.

You know that feeling of relief you get as you see your bag drop onto the conveyor belt in arrivals and the feeling of slight pity you have for the crowd you leave behind knowing full well that at least one or two of them will patiently wait there until the very last bag has been plucked off the conveyor before resigning themselves to the fact that their bag is just NOT going to arrive and trudging off to report their loss….well that was me this time round.

I stood there trying to stay positive until the bitter end before taking a deep breath and entering the world of ‘lost luggage’…it’s traumatic I can tell you. Especially lost luggage in Maputo airport with a lady who quite clearly does not get job satisfaction with a computer system which quite clearly does not work.

I persevered with said lady for about 10 minutes before giving up and taking myself off home with a master plan!

All I can say if thank goodness for Virgin Atlantic in Johannesburg airport! A lovely lady politely informed me that they wanted rid of this problem as much as I wanted my bag found. She sent some poor bloke down to the ‘basement of doom’ in J’burg airport to quite literally search through the piles of bags missing their owners. No luck.

Then she got onto London…ah ha! It had been left behind in Heathrow. And so the miracle began to happen…the first lost bag arrived 24 hours after me and after yet another attempt at Maputo airport in bad portuguese with my new best friend (!) and another call to Jburg, the 2nd one arrived! Both unharmed, both still locked and both still in one piece…

Knowing I was about to re-enter my life of rather sparse social life my pals in Maputo threw a little drinks bash and at a horribly unsociable hour the next morning I boarded my 4th and final flight back to Chim.

So here I am back in the land of the Salmon Shack, Red Wing & total confusao….it’s good to be back!


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