The cabbage has gone!

Carrots lettuce toms peppers1


Thank goodness!

Even Google was struggling to suggest anything more inventive to do with my mass cabbage patch than cabbage soup & cabbage parcels.

After giving handfuls of the stuff to guards, maids and colleagues we managed to just about get through it before it started to turn brown. So after a good old hoe of the entire back yard we’ve planted carrots!

The re-planted lettuce has eaten its fill of nutrients imported in from the good soil we keep ‘borrowing’ from across the street and is now ready. The tomatoes have a new lease of life after my more green fingered guard and I constructed an interesting Mozambican version of a trellis and even my pepers, given half a chance (as in avoiding the mouth of my puppy!) are managing to just about get to an edible size.

1st pepper

For some reason the puppy has a fetish for lying in my carrot plot so the tufts of all the carrot tops are now flattened. It doesn’t seem to have done them too much harm though as I plucked a few of them out of the ground the other day. I gave a handful to one of my skinny office staff who declared his love of carrots which he promptly handed to his wife to get busy cooking up for him!

I have been donated an avocado tree and a lemon tree..both still babies at the moment but apparently in 6 years time will be trees! Six years! Think that might just be a wee bit after my time here!

The only thing I am still struggling to grow is basil! The Mozambicans don’t know the Portuguese name for basil; they just don’t recognise it. They even say no when I offer for them to take some home…not very Mozambican at all!

 Obviously the Mozambican soil feels the same way , the basil grows just a few inches then stops…luckily I’m managing to harvest just enough for basil mojitos…phew, national barbecue drinks crisis averted!!


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