Landmine-free Mozambique

After hosting a recent visit from a UN journalist we’ve just been sent a link to his photo slide show…pics 6 to 18 are all from my new location I’m currently setting up way up north in Moz (photo 7 is obviously by far the most stylish!)

Mozambique landmine story in pictures

Many people ask me if there really is still a problem with landmines in Moz, mainly because there are few accidents but this is only because people know where the mines are and so avoid the danger areas…

In the space of a week I’ve met 2 families whose lives have been irrevocably destroyed by landmines. One man introduced me to his wife and his son both of whom have been seriously maimed by landmine accidents and I met a young girl who not only was blinded by a landmine but the same accident killed her big brother. Speaking from first hand experience…trust me, there is still a landmine problem in Mozambique.

However there is also light at the end of the tunnel – Demining is not a never ending story


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