A typical day 2

A chunk falls off the newly concreted wall in the shower! Head for guesthouse breakfast…instant Moz coffee (like Nescafe granules but with chicory!) and bread rolls…try strawberry jam but tastes like jelly and not convinced its ever actually made any contact with a strawberry, try sausages – bad tinned frankfurters! Eggs…swimming in oil.

Hmm – these guys not quite got to grips with beautiful breakfast buffets yet! Eat plain bread and drink coffee.

Spend day waiting for then meeting the provincial permanent secretary – a man with the smallest feet I’ve ever seen! Then waiting for and meeting the district permanent secretary who asks about political campaigns in England (it’s election time here and there are lots of free goody bags being handed out here!). Diplomatically try to explain the differences between our 2 countries without using the words bribery or corruption!

Negotiate with Mayor at council offices to camp behind the office (this is the done thing here – you turn up in a new town on any kind of official business, head to what is the equivalent of the mayor’s office and request his permission to camp in his back garden…there is always a patch of available grass and up go the tents!!). DSCN2175

Mayor not in town. Get directed to police station, police chief says yes and we pitch tents next to the jail cell building! Laugh to myself about how my new temporary home is basically in the local police station…some things only happen in Africa I guess!

Climb into tent, spend half an hour organising my new home (I could be living here for some time) and remember how much I love camping.

Stick in earplugs to block out sounds of church goers next door reaching fever pitch proclaiming they are burning out the devil. Sleep!

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