I thought I didn’t like…

…coconut water. It’s the cloudy water you get in young green coconuts. You find it being sold all over Asia with the top sliced off and a straw jammed into it.

I’m not sure why I thought I didn’t like it.

Maybe it’s one of those things I THOUGHT I didn’t like even though I hadn’t tried it or maybe I had a bad ‘coconut water’ experience once…you know, one of those  deep dark memories from your childhood!

Do you know what I mean?

A few years ago whenever I was asked (pre-dinner party for example) “Is there anything you don’t eat?” my only reply was “well i’m not too keen on apricot jam”.


Because when I was a youngster we went on a family holiday to a gîte in France. Mum made crepes which were meant to be topped with apricot jam. The crepes were slightly (!) charred so I opted for just the jam….and LOTS of it. Then felt sick for days!

Hence the bad memory…even though I hadn’t tried it again since the crepe event!

The same with peanut butter…pureed peanuts…urgh! The sheer thought of it made me feel rather queer!

A friend doesn’t like pineapple because his mum piled it onto pizzas when he was a child…bad memories!

Big sis won’t go near sultanas because of games of ‘pile the sultanas on the toy train’ which we played as little girls. The train carriages were loaded up with sultana ‘cargo’ which she greedily over indulged in as the train chugged round the little train track!

So what’s your ‘no go’ food or drink?

(and no, vodka, gin or whisky don’t count simply because you knocked back 10 too many as a 14 year old getting blotto for the first time!)

Well here’s a thought for the day….GIVE YOUR “NO-GO’ A GO!

I like apricots, I like jam so I tried apricot jam again after all these years and no great surprise – I like apricot jam!

A friend left some peanut butter at my house, I thought I’d try it to see what all the fuss was about… it’s actually jolly tasty!

And today I was obliged to drink some freshly cut off the tree coconut water. It was offered in hospitality and as with many cultures it’s rude to refuse. So I drank it and actually quite enjoyed it!

My no-go list just became extinct!

So go on…. give your no-go one last try…I DARE you!



  1. sas said,

    July 3, 2010 at 7:40 pm

    have tried sultanans again….and sorry to disappoint but they are truly horrid

  2. Ruth said,

    July 27, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    I love coconut water too!!!!!! xxxx

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