Love is honey, life is jelly

Tuk tuk, rickshaw, bajaj, auto, 3 wheeler…

Call them what you like but anyone who has visited Asia will have probably spent a fair amount of time being jostled about in the back of one of these things whilst being driven at the speed of light, dodging traffic (just) and being gassed out by exhaust fumes.

Out here in Sri Lanka it never fails to make me smile when I read the little ditties pasted to the back of these little beasts…sometimes I wonder if their owners actually understand what they’ve had proudly painted onto their pride and joy!

Here are some of the best…

1. Don’t follow me

2. Jesus alive God bless you

3. Love would never leave us alone

4. We have got a life to live

5. Thunder bold driver

but the best yet and by far my absolute favourite…



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