Now I know if you are an aussie then seeing a kangaroo is about as exciting as me out in Africa seeing a monkey!

However I am neither aussie nor a regular sighter of kangaroos…so when I saw this big guy hopping past me I practically squealed with delight!

Just back from an awesome 2 weeks in Oz. The reason for my trip…Boots getting married!

So first stop was to see Boots (it’s unbelievably been 4 years since we were together in Scotland!) and to meet the 2 new men in her life…husband to be the lovely Trav and the gorgeous baby Archer.







Happy family!






Boots & Bells back together again!

After a few days in Melbourne (and having been repeatedly beaten in an afternoon UNO contest!)

I nipped up north for a few days diving up on the Great Barrier Reef, staying in Port Douglas – the closest jumping off point for the barrier reef. It’s a quaint little town with the most beautiful sunsets.

It was just a week after a pretty bad cyclone PLUS its stinger season at the moment (the time of year jelly fish are out and about in their masses!) so it was to be an interesting scuba experience. Donning my very sexy lycra stinger suit we jumped in to find visibility about 3 times better what we expected…brilliant!

Then it was back to Melbourne for Boots and Trav’s wedding. Now Boots is quite a unique girl and in true fashion she had a totally unique wedding – it was certainly the first time I have ever been to a wedding in someone’s front room!

Actually Boots managed to pull off the small intimate wedding I think a heck of alot of ‘brides-to-be’ actually want….pre them being snowballed down the big white wedding route…

(although I should just say we did end up in one rather long discussion over which lights should be on to create the right ambience which we managed to get stuck on for about 2 hours!!). 

The whole evening was jolly good fun, by 9pm shoes were off, the champagne was flowing and the dancing had well and truly commenced…!

With some slightly foggy heads the next morning it was off to Boots’ mum’s house for a much needed big breakfast then I hit the road for an adventure down the great ocean road.

The road trip took me down to Lorne where I found a divine little tea house which rather handily was below a funky surfing lodge run by an aging ‘surf-dude’ who gave me a bed for the night. 





The next day it was back on the road where I spotted my dream home…a lighthouse!



then it was on to Bells beach to hang out at the world pro surfing championships before heading back to Melbourne.



After a fabulous 2 weeks it was sadly time to head home to Mozambique…a big thanks to my antipodean pals, old and new, for a fantastic time down under!


Unemployed and homeless

So what’s a girl to do…?

Well I decided this was an opportunity (yes, I know…another of those darned ‘opportunities’). Now I may have mentioned once or twice I am somewhat of a rather keen scuba diver. Until last September I wouldn’t exactly have called myself a great diver but I ‘could dive’.

That was all about to change.

I caught a flight to Costa Rica, swapped my suit for my boardshorts and my office for the deep blue sea to work as a scuba divemaster.

Costa Rica is a country I’ve always had an intention to visit – I’d heard the diving was great, the sun shone and spanish was the language of choice…perfect!

Most people would head to the caribbean side – warm water, great visibility. I decided that all sounded far too easy (!) so headed to the pacific side of the country…colder waters, poorer visibility but bigger stuff to see and a bigger challenge to dive in.

My office

Now I’m a realisitic kind of girl and I’m pretty sure no-one really wants me to bang on about what a great experience the whole thing was.

I mention Costa Rica, diving and 30 degree sunshine and no-one ever believes I was even working at all out there!! “Work” they say – yeah right!

I have to admit that even though it was 7 days a week with an early morning alarm call earlier than I think I’ve ever had in my working life – life was good.

I’m most definitely not scared of a bit of hard work and I most definitely suit a job where the only time I sit at a desk with a computer in front of me is when I am emailing home.

Plus lifting air tanks every day is a bloomin’ good way to banish  ‘bingo wings’!

By the time I landed in the UK on Christmas Eve my hair was blonder, my skin browner and I was a fully qualified (and actually pretty ok) divemaster!

With much help from my rather tolerant South American pals I had also managed to master some far from fluent but definitely acceptable ‘spanglish’ skills.

Pictured: Adolfo, the ‘capitan’ of our diveboat the Tahonga who lent me his patient ears on more than one occasion!El capitan Adolfo