Back garden bomb

I want you to imagine something for a second…

So you come home having been forced to move out of your house for  a while, let’s say for the sake of argument  it has flooded.

All you’ve been wanting to do for longer than you care to remember is to go home, to check what is left of your house and belongings and to start fixing, cleaning and getting back to normal.

You arrive home and its all a bit of a mess, the roof has been destroyed, the walls need repairing, the garden is full of rubbish.

You start cleaning up. First the inside then the outside, the driveway, the garden. You spot something in the ground, it looks strange and out of place, just a lump of rusty metal sticking up right next to the side wall of your house.

You approach it and poke the ground then in horror you realise it looks kind of bomb. Not that you really know what a bomb looks like but you’ve seen movies on the TV and it just looks dangerous.

Ok so all this seems a highly unlikely scenario. And that’s because our country hasn’t just come out of 2 decades war.

But for Mr Sanmugat this actually happened, except that his house hadn’t flooded – it had been bombed.

Mr Sanmugat came to my office today with his wife, they explained they had been forced from their home during the war and had just recently returned. As they were cleaning the shell of what had been their beautiful family home, Mr Sanmugat’s wife spotted something sticking out of the ground in their garden.  Mr Sanmugat ushered his wife away and brushed the top of the metal sticking out of the ground. Realising it was something he should probably not be wise to fiddle with he had put a plant pot upside down over the top of it and come to visit me.

I followed them to their home and asking them to keep some distance away I went forward to investigate.

It was a mortar bomb, nose down with just a few inches of tail fin sticking out of the ground. Less than a metre from their living room.