The good, the bad and the Moz!

So a twist on The good, the bad and the ugly obviously except that out in Moz there are days when its not so much ‘ugly’ that happens, its more just so completely random, so nonsensical, so….Mozambican!

Each and every day it makes me smile.

So if you’re having just ‘one of those days’ (or you just fancy a giggle), have a read below….

The good…freshly barbecued goat for lunch

The bad…I don’t reckon the goats had a particularly great day

The ‘Moz’…buying 2 goats to stick in my garden so they could spend a happy evening munching on more grass than they have ever dreamed of and the next day hand them over to some hungry staff who quite happily slaughtered them in spitting distance from my desk as I sat doing the monthly accounts! A truly odd experience…and definitely a first!

The good…sharing my first ripe papaya with my guard which we had just plucked fresh off the tree in my back yard

The bad…no water which meant a ‘strip wash’ from a bucket of cold COLD water standing in my bath tub

The ‘Moz’…being stopped by the traffic police and asked what we were up to as we return from a field visit today – their justification for stopping us….apparently we were passing BACK PAST them too soon after we had passed them the first time!

The good…managing to give a portuguese operations brief to a group of Government ministers

The bad…having to drive 6 hours for a 5 minute meeting (and I don’t mean a metaphorical 5 mins i means an ACTUAL 5 minutes)

The ‘Moz’…offering  some of the bananas I’d just bought to my Ops Manager who replied “no no no Boss, it’s too early” – apparently it’s bad for you to eat bananas too early in the day (it was 11am!)

The good…arriving safely back to the Salmon Shack after a 14 hour round trip to Tete province having been fiercely reminded why I am doing what I am doing (read my ‘Landmines & Life’ post)

The bad…2 trainees on their knees desperately pleading to my training officer after he kicked them off the course for cheating in the exam

The ‘Moz’…my Ops Manager explaining to me he had 3 (!) anti virus programmes on his computer of which he scanned each one 3 times….9 anti virus checks! Why??!!

The good…giving the ‘morning speech’ to our trainee deminers without the help of a translator…ie in portuguese!!

The bad…having to reprimand my chief mechanic and drivers…in portuguese!! (it’s alot harder to find the words when a wee bit irrate)

The ‘Moz’…learning there is no word for ‘wife’ out here…you can say husband, you can say spouse but there is no word for wife! Apparently ‘woman’ is the usual term given!  Nice!

The good…hot buttered corn on the cob for everyone in the office for lunch from our wee ‘crop’ in the bottom of our compound!

The bad…no electricity (again) for 3 hours in my house this evening…mid way through cooking a curry masterpiece on my ELECTRIC cooker…ruined curry and bed hungry

The ‘Moz’…when power returned the surge through my water pump wedged my kitchen tap on full blast flooding my kitchen!

The good…a happy donor

The bad…a stressful donor visit

The ‘Moz’…“Kingston Town” on repeat at full blast from the cantina bar opposite my office….for 4 hours!

The good…enthusiastic sprouting from the veggies planted in the back yard at the Salmon Shack

The bad…not enough hours in the day!

The ‘Moz’…seeing the technique for getting birds off the runway when there is a plane approaching…the airport police pick up their a shotgun…need I say more!!

The good…remembering it’s my 1 year anniversary since starting this job! And having a wee smile about how great that is!

The bad…my computer corrupting ALL the files I worked on over the entire weekend and refusing to open anything.

The ‘Moz’…for absolutely no explicable reason Red Wings’ alarm going off everytime someone walked within 2 metre radius of the driver side door (I disconnected it in desperation in the end and walked home!)

Like these?? then click on one of the comments links below for even more of Misshelen’s ‘typical days’!



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    […] p.s for more ‘typical day’ stories click here […]

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    […] p.s for more ‘typical day’ stories click here […]

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